Go Old School with Aerostich’s Roadcrafter Tactical Over-Clothes Apparel

Roadcrafter Tactical One and Two-Piece Motorcycle Suits

Ready to go old school? The Aerostich Roadcrafter Tactical has a classic-era’s simplicity and utility look, similar to one of those one-color leather one-piece racing suits from the past. Or classic work coveralls.

Available in One Piece or Two Piece versions, the Roadcrafter Tactical – the worker rider’s apparel – provides complete protection with a bit less weight and some added freedom of movement.

Beneath the monochrome simplicity, the Roadcrafter Tactical is technically modern with a fully seam-taped, 500 Denier Cordura GORE-TEX outer layer, and features a tightly woven Supernyl lining, making it easy to slip on quick over your street clothes.

Includes all of all the pockets, vents, armor, details and everyday, all-weather performance of the original Roadcrafter’s design, but without the two-color ballistic nylon areas.

There’s still plenty of crash and abrasion protection for commuting, touring and knock-around riding, without the Futurama look.

Fully machine washable, the Tactical is available in seven colors, including black, grey, red, hi-viz yellow, tan or cobalt blue. Men’s 34 regulars and 36–54’s in short, regular or long. Women’s regular 6-20.

Aerostich Roadcrafter Tactical Apparel Available:

  • Men’s Roadcrafter Tactical One Piece Suit #374 $897
  • Men’s Roadcrafter Tactical Jacket #376 $527
  • Men’s Roadcrafter Tactical Pants #377 $487
  • Men’s 2 Piece Roadcrafter Tactical Suit SAVE $80 #505 $934
  • Women’s Roadcrafter Tactical One Piece Suit #393 $897
  • Women’s Roadcrafter Tactical Jacket #395 $527
  • Women’s Roadcrafter Tactical Pants #396 $487
  • Women’s 2 Piece Roadcrafter Tactical Suit SAVE $80 #507 $934

For additional information, visit Aerostich.


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