‘Aether Chasing Winter’ Skiing Via Adventure Motorcycles

'Aether Chasing Winter' Skiing Via Adventure Motorcycles
‘Aether Chasing Winter’ Skiing Via Adventure Motorcycles

Aether Apparel Motorcycle Video

Based on Melrose Avenue in the Hancock Park neighborhood of Los Angeles, Aether Apparel describes its employees as “outdoor enthusiasts who live in the city.”

The goal? Combine urban sophistication and style with the demands of the rural environment to create four collections of clothing – Road, Mountain, City, and Beach.

Besides innovative ideas for its clothing, Aether also has some innovative ideas for combining the unique, such as motorcycles and skiing.

In its latest video, Aether Chasing Winters, the team organized a skiing trip via motorcycles to the Rockies. The team loaded up a few BMW GS motorcycles with poles, boots and skis, and embarked on a truly unique trip.

Speaking of the video, which is attache above, Aether says “It wasn’t exactly the most practical way to travel, but it definitely was the most exhilarating.”

Produced by Aether Apparel (aetherapparel.com)
Cinematography by Hal Long (henryfilms.com)
Edited by Sorin Iarovici
Music by LCD Soundsystem “Home”