Schuberth Rider Communication System (SRC-System) | Review

Schuberth Rider Communication System (SRC-System)

Schuberth SRC-System Helps Bridge Generations

When my daughter Annabella was finally able to flat-foot her feet on the passenger pegs of my Yamaha FJR1300, I knew what was coming next – pleas to get out and go for a ride together.  Riding with a new passenger can be tough, but when that person is a youngster, it can present even more challenges.

For instance, new passengers have to be told how to look through turns and to lean with the bike. With young ones, you have to make sure they are always holding on tight. A good in-helmet communication system is a crucial, but often overlooked, element of riding with a youngster.

Schuberth takes care of this necessity elegantly – the Schuberth Rider Communication System (SRC-System) is integrated into the collar of the C3 and C3W modular helmets.

Fortunately, the C3W (specifically designed for women) goes down to a size XXS (Euro 50), so hers fit perfectly. Given her size, the fact that the C3W is light for a modular helmet is an essential feature.

With me donning the C3 Schuberth, we prepared for our first ride by pairing the Scala Rider compatible devices and making sure our volume levels were good. Although the buttons are easy to use, you won’t need them unless you are switching channels to connect to an external wired or Bluetooth device. Conversations are all voice-activated.

If you have ever ridden with a passenger, you know that you can point at stuff and hope they understand your meaning, or you could turn your head toward them to speak – not a very safe technique. With the SRC-System, there are no such issues. You can keep your eyes on the road, all the while carrying on a conversation.

When I asked Annabella for some feedback of her own regarding the SRC-System, she told me, “It’s great to talk with you while we’re riding because, if I want to tell you about something I am seeing, I can just say it! I don’t have to wait until we stop.”

The Schuberth C3 and C3W helmets, when equipped with the SRC-System, created a phenomenal bonding experience between myself and my daughter. From a safety standpoint, communicating with the Schuberth SRC-System is simply unbeatable. When you see how fast kids grow up these days, it makes you realize you have to cherish every moment – especially moments spent in the saddle together.

For additional information, visit Schuberth.

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