Dunlop Teases the Sportmax Q3 Sportbike Tire | Video

Dunlop Teases the Q3
Dunlop Teases the Q3

Dunlop Sportmax Q3 Tease/Dunlop Q2 Review

Dunlp has teased its latest sportbike tire featuring Carbon Fiber technology in the video attached above.

Teasing the new Qualifier Sportmax Q3, Dunlop says: “Carbon fiber. It’s light. It’s strong. It’s tough. But have you ever seen it roll?”

The new Q3, which will be offered this summer, will replace the highly-respected Qualifier Sportmax Q2 motorcycle tires.

Following is an Ultimate Motorcycling review of the Q2 following a track day:

In 2010, Dunlop became the specified tire for the AMA Championship, and the Q2 tire uses its proprietary N-Tec race technology.

The rear tire is a dual compound construction with softer shoulders for extra grip, while the front tire is a single compound.

The secret to the Dunlop Q2′s extraordinary and predictable grip seems to be its advanced compound and the Intuitive Response Profile at the rear, which creates a bigger footprint and allows more lean angle than the other tires.

The Q2s are a significant 2.8 pounds heavier than the stock tires. They raised the Honda’s axle height by 1.4mm at the front and 1.6mm at the rear; although the 600RR sat a little higher, the steering geometry was essentially unchanged.

However, the slightly taller bike would arguably give the riders a little extra leverage when turning in, thereby offsetting any negative effects of the extra rotating mass.

Carding a best lap time of 1:36.3 with UMC contributor Tristan Schoenewald, a respected ex-AMA 600 Supersport racer with a National and several-time Regional WERA Champion, at the controls, the Q2s were almost five seconds per lap quicker than the stock tires.

Schoenewald felt equally at home on the Dunlops, saying “I liked these tires, and felt very confident with them. The front was stable, turn-in was excellent, and the tire held its line perfectly.

Leaned over on the brakes-even over bumps-the tires stayed planted. Overall, steering input was minimal and once turned the bike felt like it was on rails.”


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