Holden & SBK Factory’s Journey to Pikes Peak: ‘The Test’ Webisode

Jake Holden aboard the Kawasaki ZRX1224RR
Jake Holden aboard the Kawasaki ZRX1224RR

“Taking Performance to New Heights” Pikes Pike Web Series

The newest webisode of “Taking Performance to New Heights” was released Tuesday by OnTheThorttle.TV.

The series follows AMA Pro Racing star Jake Holden and SBK Factory as they prep to take on the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb. And in this episode, titled “The Test,” highlights Holden’s first ride on the custom built Kawasaki ZRX1224RR Superbike he will use at Pikes Peak.

OnTheThrottle.TV says: “The team heads to the track to test what SBK Factory’s James Compton developed, and to see how both bike and rider perform. The video follows Holden as he gets comfortable with the bike and puts it through its paces, unofficially breaking the track record for fastest lap.”

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