Distracted Driving the Theme of AMA’s Freedom Friday

Distracted Driving the Theme of AMA's Freedom Friday
Distracted Driving the Theme of AMA's Freedom Friday
Distracted Driving the Theme of AMA’s Freedom Friday

American Motorcyclist Association’s Freedom Friday, April 26

Distracted driving is the focus of the American Motorcyclist Association’s “Freedom Friday” on April 26.

Injuries to motorcyclists resulting from drivers who are distracted and/or inattentive continue to be a major issue for the AMA and its members. In particular, the AMA is concerned that many automobile, SUV and truck drivers who seriously injure or kill motorcyclists are only cited for traffic infractions.

While the AMA believes that banning cellphone use and texting while driving is a positive step, that action alone is not enough. The association maintains that all vehicle operators must be held accountable.

Danielle Fowles (AMA Grassroots Coordinator) says: “The AMA advocates for enhanced penalties for violations resulting in injury or death to other roadway users.

“Enhanced penalty options, to be determined by the courts, should include increased fines, operator’s license suspension, points assessed on an operator’s record, community service and imprisonment, to name a few.”

The Freedom Friday call-to-action is part of AMA Go Ride! Month during April. AMA Go Ride! Month encourages AMA members and riders nationwide to renew their passion for riding on the street and in the dirt. It’s a month-long celebration of riding that features stories, photos, contests and more.

Freedom Friday is a special campaign to alert motorcyclists about important issues that pose a threat to motorcycling freedoms. Riders can take part in a contest related to the issue and win prizes. Each week’s Freedom Friday photo contest asks AMA members to send a photo of themselves, preferably with their bike, near a symbol of the current topic.

The contest that kicks off today focuses on distracted and inattentive driving. The issue can be illustrated with a photo that includes a motorcycle and a car or truck. Photo(s) and the AMA member number should be sent to grassroots@ama-cycle.org to be entered in the contest. For entry details, visit americanmotorcyclist.com/riding/goride/contestdetails.

Freedom Friday contest entrants have two chances to win. Two photo winners will be announced and each will receive an AMA gift bag and a BikeBandit gift card. Contest entrants will also be entered in a month-end drawing with great prizes, including a Shoei helmet, Tour Master Intake jacket, and Cortech tank bags, courtesy of AMA partner Helmet House.

Go to americanmotorcyclist.com and facebook.com/americanmotorcyclist for more details about Freedom Friday and the 2013 AMA Go Ride! Month.


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