American Supercamp Adds April 21-22 to Delaware Schedule

Harley's Chris Carr
Harley's Chris Carr
Harley’s Chris Carr

2013 American Supercamp Motorcycle School

American Supercamp has recently added another weekend at Harrington, Delaware to its 2013 spring schedule.

On April 20-21, 2013, the national motorcycle racing instructional camp will make its third appearance at the Delaware State Fairgrounds in the last six months. There is also a school April 13-14, but it is already completely booked.

Superstar Chris Carr will be the featured guest instructor for the two-day camp and will be on site sharing his expertise and deep knowledge of the sport.

Danny Walker (Founder, American Supercamp) says: “For us to get a guy like Chris to come out and give his insight on his specific riding techniques is remarkable.

“Chris was with us last time we visited Harrington and the camp went so well that we had to bring it back just six months later. We know riders come to American Supercamp to get the most out of their abilities and we want to give them the best instruction possible.”

American Supercamp is nationally known as the premier motorcycle instructional camp for up and coming riders of all ages and skill levels. The two-day camp for Harrington, Delaware on April 13-14 is completely booked.

However, riders are in luck, as the overwhelming response from this camp is what triggered us to bring American Supercamp back to Harrington, Delaware the very next week on April 20-21! Come out and learn from one of the best riders and instructors in the sport, Chris Carr, who is a seven-time Grand National Champion and all-around success story.

Being one of the most successful riders in the sport’s history, the Californian knows and understands what it takes to succeed and maximize one’s potential. This particular weekend’s camp will be no exception as each entrant will have ample opportunity to get the highest quality training possible.

Camp times are from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. for all days.  Please arrive at least a half hour early for registration. Lunch and cold beverages will be provided over the duration of the camp.

Camp registration is $600 and the camps will be held at the Delaware State Fairgrounds. For any more information, please visit

American Supercamp is a riding skills and balance improvement course for all motorcycle riders using aggressive and innovative riding drills composed by the best riders in motorcycle racing. The camp is designed to force students to critically think about their actions and the effects on the handling of the motorcycle. The camp focuses on improving your techniques of concerning for safety and speed; improving your abilities going in to a corner, getting out of a corner, and if need be, past the competition. For more information, please visit