Destination: Colorardo | Motorcycle Travel
Destination: Colorardo | Motorcycle Travel

Traveling Colorado via Motorcycle

There are nothing like mountains when it comes to interesting roads and spectacular vistas. The Rocky Mountains dominate the western half of the state of Colorado, making it a favored destination for motorcycling.

Denver is known as the Mile High City, but that only hints at the altitudes found on Colorado Roads. Mt. Evans Road is a mere 60 highway miles from downtown Denver, and it takes you to 14,240 feet above sea level, when it isn’t blocked by snow, of course.

To the south is legendary Pikes Peak Road, site of the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb race. As long as they aren’t competing, and there isn’t too much snow, you are welcome to ride to the top.

Mining history abounds in the Colorado Rockies, and vast National Forests cover western Colorado. Only a single Interstate passes through the Rockies, so there are thousands of miles of connector roads between tiny mountain hamlets.

A gem of the Rockies is the Million Dollar Highway, a 25-mile stretch of road between Silverton and Ouray in southwest Colorado. Early versions of the route were insanely treacherous. Fortunately, it has been updated to modern standards, so the focus is on the incredible views and the sheer fun of riding a challenging road.

Destination: Colorardo | Motorcycle Travel
Destination: Colorardo | Motorcycle Travel

To the north of that is ski country, with the resorts of Aspen, Vail, and Breckenridge connected by many miles of twisting roads, punctuated by constant elevation changes. Wildlife is frequently seen, and it is sometimes in the road.

Putting a slightly different spin on the guided tour experience, Rocky Mountain Motorcycle Tours is a personal operation led by avid vintage motorcyclist Bob Herman, who often rides his Norton Commando or Moto Guzzi Le Mans on the tours.

Instead of riding the expected roads and staying at traditional locations, Rocky Mountain Motorcycle Tours focuses on lesser known routes and authentic western lodging. For those who enjoy roughing it a bit, RMMT has camping tours available.

Tour participants are encouraged to bring their own bikes and riding gear, and vintage bike riders will find themselves especially at home. The tours are often flexible with opportunities for off-bike experiences, including silver mine tours and exploration of ancient Anasazi ruins, though the focus does remain on riding.