Alpinestars XL Transition Gear Bag | Review

Alpinestars XL Transition Gear Bag
Alpinestars XL Transition Gear Bag

Alpinestars XL Gear Bag

Whether heading to a track day, motocross circuit, or checking your bag for air travel, hauling around one’s motorcycle gear can be a challenge.

Boots, helmet and riding clothes, in addition to safety equipment, take up a lot of room and on the return home may be dirty, smelly and damp, not something you want in close proximity to your other clothes. The Alpinestars XL Transition Gear Bag is designed to meet this challenge

First off, the 88-liter capacity is generously sized. With a cavernous main compartment big enough to hold an apartment-sized kitchen sink, you have room for your street clothes, toiletries, GoPro, and first place trophy or souvenirs.

For your gear, there is a dedicated compartment at the bottom of the bag ideal for segregating your muddy boots from the rest of your clothes. It is large enough that knee protection will also fit.

The top of the bag has another roomy compartment, comparable in size to the boot chamber- one could easily carry a second set of road racing boots – that is ideal for stowing your helmet.

You will want to pack something cushioning around the helmet if you are checking the bag for a plane ride, as the XL Transition Gear Bag is a soft bag, made from a durable ballistic nylon. While the sidewalls and compartment-dividers are padded, only the base and bottom of the bag have a hard outer shell.

Although the main compartment is one large, non-delineated space, there are seven zippered and variously sized pockets on the sides of the XL allowing organization and quick access to smaller items. One pocket runs the length of the bag, and further includes three smaller mesh pockets inside—one zippered, two Velcro-closing. On the other side of the bag are three mid-sized zippered compartments.

The inner walls that divide the XL Transition Gear Bag into the three main spaces (boots/cargo/helmet) are removable should you need to utilize the entire space for a new helmet purchased on a trip.

For venting, there are perforated panels running along the zipper lines, as well as strategically positioned venting grommets. There is a generous-sized removable waterproof rollout mat tucked into a zippered pocket along one side of the bag. Handy if you need to change out of your riding gear in the dirt or mud.

With the XL packed full, the telescoping handle allows smooth easy rolling on sturdy wheels. There is a hard plastic handle on the bottom of the bag, and a heavy-duty soft handle on the top, for hauling the mighty bag into your pickup, and a top carrying strap for the stout of heart.

A staff member transferred a full set of road gear round trip to Almeria, Spain via Iberia Airlines, Air Nostrum, and American Airlines, and the Alpinestars XL Transition Gear Bag made the journey through six airports and their respective baggage handlers without a whimper.

The business card was tucked into the ID window on the base of the bag and, happily, the luggage did not go astray. As a bonus, it’s easy to pick out on the baggage carousel.

The Alpinestars XL Transition Gear Bag runs $219.95. For additional information, visit Alpinestars.

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