USA’s Suesse to Tuareg Rally, Backed by ‘If You See Kay’ Wine

USA's Suesse to Tuareg Rally, Backed by 'If You See Kay' Wine

 2013 Tuareg Rally (Motorcycles)

America's only motorcycle finisher in the 2012 Dakar Rally, Ned Suesse, is getting ready to face a new challenge - the Tuareg Rally.

Armed with his KTM 505 XC-F, and accompanied by fellow ragtag rally racers Bart Combs, Dirt Kessler, Mike Krynock, Sid Milton, Jean-Luc Solans and Charlie Rauseo, Suesse is heading to Tunisia for the week-long rally with the backing of "If You See Kay" wine.

USA's Suesse to Tuareg Rally, Backed by 'If You See Kay' Wine

Ned Suesse says: "We're going not just for the challenge and adventure, but also for the simple joy of living fast and riding hard. We're thrilled to have the backing of 'If You See Kay' wine. Their motto: 'Wide Open Throttle or don't bother,' fits our team perfectly!"

John Hardesty (If You See Kay Wine) says: "We do everything the same way; Wide Open Throttle, but as important, we have to have fun along the way or it's just not worth doing. We backed Ned's Dakar run because we believe in triumph over adversity, we're backing his Tuareg Team because it's just plain fun."

The team also hopes to fund its bar tab by selling limited edition T-shirts. You can help support Suesse and company in the Tuareg rally, and represent the team motto, "Wide Open Throttle, or don't bother."

T0shirts are available at


  1. Sid Milton 319 Fan Club. Good on yer Sid. 35th on day 4. Good result for first Rally. Keep going!


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