Borile Releases Gentleman’s Convertible Jacket

Fashionable Motorcycle Jackets

Sartoria di Milano are proud to announce the immediate availability of a completely new type of sports motorcycle jacket – the Gentleman’s Convertible.

Knowing that many Borile customers ride their motorcycles and scooters around the city, from one meeting to another, the motorcycle manufacturer has collaborated with the highly respected Italian motorcycle company “Umberto Borile & Co s.r.l.” to create something new.

Borile started by looking through our history books and found inspiration in the British sports jackets from more than a century ago.

In Victorian England, men’s jackets buttoned higher up the front, featuring five or more buttons. As the years rolled by, fashion dictated that more of a Gent’s shirt and tie should be visible, meaning that jacket lapels were pressed at a new angle, and the extraneous buttons were deleted (with the exception of the flower button-hole, a remnant of these classic jackets.)

Borile has modified the modern sports jacket, by adding a functional folding throat tab and reintroducing the “lost” front buttons. The result is a classic yet modern jacket that can be converted from smart office wear, to a closed jacket more suitable for riding a motorbike around the city.

The Gent’s Convertible jackets are available off-the-rack in two styles, both proudly “Made in Italy” from 100% Italian 350g wool. They feature color-coordinated buttons, contrasting button-hole stitching, plus linings and elbow patches in Borile Green. The retail price is €390 ($509 USD) for both models.

In traditional Sartoria di Milano style, we are also able to offer a full Italian “Su Misura” service, where the customer can have their jacket made-to-measure, from the fabrics of their choice. This service costs from €600 to 750 ($780-$980), depending on the cost of the fabric itself.

For additional information, log onto Sartoria di Milano.


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