2012 BMW GS Trophy | Day 1 Video Highlights


2012 BMW Motorrad GS Trophy

The first of seven days in the BMW Motorrad GS Trophy wrapped up Monday in Argentina.

Following the first two tests Monday, Team Latin America – newcomers to the GS Trophy – took the overall points lead.

Two other newcomers trailed Team Latin America – Team France and Team Argentina, respectively.

On the first day, 15 international teams rode a 250-kilometer gravel road and off-road corse from the start at the Trailanqui Resort near Temuco in Chile across the China Muerta ranges, over the border into Argentina, to finish at the Piedra Pintada Hotel and Resort on the shore of Lake Pulmari.

Attached above are video highlights of day one in the 2012 BMW GS Trophy. For a review of the day’s event, click here.