Skyfall: Bond on CRF250R (Behind-the-Scenes Video)

2012-skyfall-bond-on-crf250r-behind-the-scenes-video (1)

007 Skyfall Honda Motorcycle Footage

In the new James Bond film Skyfall, which will hit US theaters Nov. 9, the 007 film has the usual appearances of high-performance cars, including an Aston Martin DB5, Land Rover Defenders and Audi A5s.

But in Skyfall, the 23rd James Bond film in 50 years, there is also an appearance of actor Daniel Craig piloting a Honda CRF250R. During the film, Bond and the henchman are both riding Honda CRF250R motorcycles as a chase occurs in Turkey. Due to the speed of the chase scene, the filmmakers also used CRF250R bikes to carry the cameras.

Attached above is some behind-the-scenes footage of the chase scene. Speaking of the video, Honda says “the footage gives an exclusive snapshot of the film’s action vehicle and stunt crew’s preparations for Skyfall with the modified and ‘dressed’ Honda CRF250R motorcycles. The insider commentary about the thrilling opening chase sequence action from Gary Powell, chief stunt co-ordinator, reveals the secrets of some of the chase scene stunts that were filmed on the rooftops of Istanbul.

“The Turkish guise ‘Police’ and ‘Street Merchant’s’ bikes were created from the class-leading Honda CRF250R motorcycle, courtesy of Chris Corbould’s award-winning Special Effects team, and in this footage shows 007 (Daniel Craig) riding his motorbike though a Turkish street market as he pursues henchman, Patrice (Ola Rapace).”


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