TechNiche HyperKewl Vest | QuickShift Review

2012-techniche-hyperkewl-vest-quickshift-review (1)Ultimate MotorCycling QuickShift Review

The HyperKewl Ultra Sport vest from TechNiche is a high-tech upgrade to the cooling properties of a soaked t-shirt.

It uses a sophisticated fiber weave to retain water in the vest, letting it slowly evaporate and keep you cool. To activate it, you simply soak it in water for a couple of minutes, squeeze out the excess, and put it on.

We found that the HyperKewl vest works amazingly well under a mesh or perforated leather jacket. The length of time the soaking works depends on the temperature, humidity and the airflow through your jacket–expect anywhere from one hour to all-day.

Fortunately, the vest can be soaked in any nearby sink or you can bring a plastic bag and fill it with water. In two minutes, it is ready to go again. You need a high-airflow jacket, but you’ll already want one on a hot summer day.

The TechNiche HyperKewl Ultra Sport retails for around $42. For additional information, log onto the TechNiche website.