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Cycle Case Backpack Review

Cycle Case Motorcycle Backpack

Cycle Case Backpack ReviewThe lights suddenly went dead in the office. Seconds later, sirens were heard, and I was without electricity or Internet. A few minutes passed, and I found out from local news on the iPhone that some 18-wheeler had cracked a telephone in half.

I was going to be without power/internet for a few hours. Well, here was my excuse to go riding, but I still had much work to complete. I opened the garage and could have taken the luggage-ready V-Strom, but was in need of some sportbike fun. Off came the cover on the Ducati 1198, and I was ready to take a trip down to the local Barnes & Noble to wrap up the day’s work.

But how would I bring my laptop, camera for picture uploads, and all other necessities needed to complete some work? Easily…the Cycle Case Helmet Backpack.

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With a MSRP of under $60, this new low-priced backpack designed of sturdy Maxtura ballistic fiber battles the lack of cargo space on luggage-less motorcycles, allowing us not only to carry our needed supplies, but also toss our helmets into the bag while doing what we are doing.

Inside, the Cycle Case Helmet Backpack features a fleece-lined compartment to store away the laptop, my MacBook fitting perfectly, though there may be some space issues with bigger laptops, especially those of yesteryear. With the MacBook stored away, there’s also ample cargo space for other items, such as a few books, a hoodie, and a Nikon D2H camera.

A smaller, fleece-lined audio/phone pocket is contained on the top of the bag, providing enough room for my iPhone and iPod. This compartment also has a socket for headphone wires, allowing the electronics to be stored away out of sight. The Cycle Case also features two simple outside vented pockets, allowing for further storage of other items such as water bottles and gloves.

Cycle Case Helmet Backpack ReviewThen there’s the backpack’s selling point, the front pocket, which has a built-in hood that fits most full-sized helmets. When arriving at B&N, I simply unzipped this front pocket, and stored my Arai Vector-2 in the hood contained within. Once the helmet was in place, two straps clasp into the top of the bag, creating a secure holding location. The helmet will strap to the bag regardless of what’s inside the main compartment, also, due to the exterior-pocket design.

The backpack features thick straps that are adjustable, along with an adjustable sternum strap, providing a comfortable fit for all body types. And for added safety, the Cycle Case Helmet Backpack has Reflect-A-Light reflective piping for nighttime visibility.

When it comes to short trips such as mine to B&N to wrap up some work, the Cycle Case Helmet Backpack is very ideal. It not only provides space for my necessities, but also prevents me from putting fairing-scratching luggage or a tank bag on my Ducati. For around $60, it’s not a pricey investment, either.

But be warned – the bag contains no waterproof material, and water loves to penetrate that socket for headphone wires.

The Cycle Case Helmet Backpack is available in black ($54.99) or Hi-Viz ($59.99). For additional information, log onto

UPDATE (6/1/2016): After nearly four years of weekly use, the stitching at the bottom of the left shoulder strap tore, leaving me ride nearly six miles with a bag of clanging wine bottles hanging from one shoulder. Four years, which means my investment was $15 a year. And I’m getting it sewed for more use, and reinforcing the other side. 

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