Arizona Highway Patrol Chooses HeliBars

Kawasaki Concours with HeliBars

Heli Modified Inc. has been selected by the Arizona Department of Public Safety to equip the Arizona Highway Patrol’s Kawasaki Concours ABS Police Edition motorcycles with HeliBars’ new Horizon ST14 Multi-Adjustable Handlebars.

The Horizon bars allow a personalized fit by offering four ergonomic adjustments, giving motor officers unequaled riding comfort and improved bike control. They transform the Concours by rising up to 4.5 in. higher than stock and allowing as much as 6 in. of forward and rearward reach adjustment.

This flexibility results in a more natural seating position that helps take weight off a rider’s lower back and wrists, as well as increasing bike and rider maneuverability. In addition, the bars can be set between 27 in. and 28.5 in. wide, making for lighter steering, more nimble low-speed maneuverability and better chassis feedback. Their up and down wrist angle rotation minimizes upper-body fatigue.

Officer Jake Pruet, a veteran of the force who rides his Concours daily and is one of the agency’s motorcycle instructors, facilitated this groundbreaking relationship between Heli Modified and the Arizona Highway Patrol.

“We really enjoy the Concours,” Pruet explained. “However, its seating position was somewhat uncomfortable for police officers using the motorcycle for 10 hours a day. We were forced to lean forward on the bike with our arms locked and all of our weight on our wrists and lower back. This created a problem with not only rider comfort, but officer safety as well.

“Once the handlebars were installed, I could immediately tell that the motorcycle handled very differently. It was almost effortless to turn during slow maneuvers. I also was pleasantly surprised to find the seating position perfect for our line of work. My back was completely straight, my arms were bent at the elbow and my shoulders and wrists were relaxed. The Kawasaki is now my new favorite police motorcycle.

“I completed several rigorous tests. In slow, tight maneuvers, I was able to complete a 16-ft. U-turn with almost no effort. The motorcycle now makes quick left-to-right and right-to-left transitions. At freeway speeds, the Helibars actually make the ride even smoother. At higher speeds, the bike is 100% stable. I also tested the Helibars under extreme braking and felt no movement or handlebar flex.

“I’ve shown the Helibars setup to numerous motor officers in the Phoenix area that are either riding the new Kawasakis or their departments were purchasing them soon. The guys were amazed, just like I was, how drastically different the seating position is. With these new Helibars, the Kawasaki C14P is in the running to become the best police motorcycle on the market. The Helibars system is a must for anyone who rides a Concours, for civilian or police duty.”

Harry Eddy, Heli Modified Founder, President and Design Engineer, feels that the Horizon ST14 bars are a perfect fit for law enforcement: “We’re proud of our affiliation with the Arizona Highway Patrol and thrilled to provide America’s motor officers with products that make their jobs easier and safer.”

Made in the USA, Horizon multi-axis handlebars replace the stock units, bolting directly to the Concours’ top triple clamp. Their components are crafted from stainless steel, low-carbon steel and 6061 aluminum alloy. To facilitate easy installation, the handlebar tubes are drilled for control housings. The Horizon kit efficiently integrates with ABS and non-ABS model Concours, and can accommodate stock or aftermarket bar-end weights. Optional reservoir-to-junction brake lines and HeliMount GPS mounting bracket are available.

The bars come in a silver powder-coat finish and are anchored by stainless-steel, Allen-head hardware. Like all HeliBars products, the Horizon STs are backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee via Heli’s 30-day return policy and come with a one-year warranty.

Celebrating 25 years of handcrafted excellence, Heli Modified, Inc. designs and manufactures more than 70 different HeliBars motorcycle handlebars and handlebar riser systems that greatly improve the ergonomics of sportbikes, sport tourers, touring bikes and cruisers.

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