Facebook Q&A with Aerostich Founder

2012-facebook-q-and-a-with-aerostich-founderAerostich RiderWearhouse

Thirty years ago, Aerostich RiderWearhouse introduced the world to textile protective riding gear for motorcycles and scooters. Today, they are the leading designer, manufacturer and retailer for the best protective riding gear on the planet.

Aerostich RiderWearhouse is pleased to announce a unique opportunity occurring from 11 a.m. to noon CST Thursday, July 26, on the Aerostich Facebook page.

Andy Goldfine, Aerostich Founder, Owner and Designer of the legendary Roadcrafter Suits, will be answering questions and responding to comments posted on the Aerostich Facebook Page.

If you have a question related to motorcycle safety gear, Ride to Work day, or just anything motorcycle related, please log onto the Aerostich Facebook page on July 26 at 11am CST and post your comment directly to Andy! He will be answering your questions and comments until Noon on Thurs. July 26, 2012.

Here is your chance to ask Andy:
Where did Mr. Happy get his name?
What was the inspiration for the Roadcrafter suit?
Who makes up the "fake" products?
Where is his favorite stretch of road?

Andy is looking forward to everyone's questions; however, if a question cannot be answered on Facebook, we will ask for the person's email and follow up directly.


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