Prolong Waterless Wash & Shine Review [Photoshoot Approved]

Prolong Waterless Wash & Shine Review: Price

If you’ve been reading this website and Ultimate Motorcycling magazine, you have seen countless motorcycles that look good because we have applied Prolong Waterless Wash & Shine during or before the photoshoot.

There are so many different cleaning products available, it is easy to get both blasé and skeptical.

Prolong Super Lubricants‘ Waterless Wash & Shine claims to clean your bike with nothing more than the pump spray bottle and a cloth. “No hose, no bucket, no water,” according to Prolong.

Not designed for heavy clean-ups, Waterless Wash & Shine is intended for touch-up work when the plastic or paint on your motorcycle isn’t particularly dirt. Waterless Wash & Shine does a great job of sprucing things up by getting rid of normal dirt and dust accumulation easily.

The application is easy. Hold the bottle about eight inches from whatever you’re spraying, and apply as need. If the surface has bugs or bird droppings—it happens—leave it on for a minute or two. From there, wipe is off with a towel.

How does all this happen? Well, it’s something of a mystery. Looking at the Safety Data Sheet, we find out that the active ingredients are D-Limonene (a solvent) and a “Supplier Trade Secret.” What that secret sauce is, we don’t know. However, we can tell you that it works.

If your motorcycle is already clean, or nearly clean, don’t ignore it. Get a fresh microfiber cloth and up your motorcycle’s game by making it shine. Faired bikes do especially well, thanks to being a large canvas. However, we also use it on dirt bikes after cleaning to give the motorcycle a fresh look going into the next ride. The smooth finish left by Waterless Wash & Shine also makes your motorcycle easier to clean the next time as less dirt will attach itself to the plastic and paint.

For $7 you get 17 ounces of Prolong Waterless Wash & Shine, and it lasts quite a while. We’re impressed.


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