BMW GS Rider Boorman Set for South Africa

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Extreme Frontiers South Africa

BMW-riding adventurer and author Charley Boorman has set off on his second Extreme Frontiers adventure, this time to South Africa.

In the follow up to his popular Channel 5 TV series, which saw him travel around the most remote and wild parts of Canada, Boorman will spend six weeks travelling around the most southern nation in Africa.

As with his epic Canadian adventure, Charley’s travels across South Africa on his BMW R 1200 GS Adventure will be shown as part of a four-episode documentary on Channel 5 TV later this year.

In addition, adventure fans can track the progress of Charley and his long-time travel partner, celebrity TV producer/director Russ Malkin online, via Facebook and Twitter, as well as keeping up with their exploits and activities in a chapter-by-chapter eBook, which will be released during their trip.

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Starting in Cape Town, Charley will be exploring the diverse cultures and landscapes of South Africa from the comfort of BMW’s class-leading adventure motorcycle. He will experience first hand a range of exciting activities including shark diving without a cage, climbing up and abseiling down Table Mountain and learning how to fly a fan-powered paramotor aircraft.

Once again, Charley has chosen a BMW R 1200 GS Adventure motorcycle for his Extreme Frontiers trip, having previously ridden an R 1150 GS Adventure the Long Way Round from London to New York, and an R 1200 GS Adventure on the Long Way Down from John O’ Groats in Scotland to Cape Town in South Africa, as well as a special BMW F 650 GS RR race bike in the Dakar Rally. This long-term association with the incredibly popular GS marque once again proves the on and off-road prowess of the range of BMW adventure sports motorcycles.

Charley Boorman says: “I’m very excited to be setting off on our second Extreme Frontiers adventure, and it’s the perfect trip for my R 1200 GS Adventure. South Africa has such a mix of terrain and climate that there’s really no other motorcycle that could do the job so well.

“Ever since I first journeyed to South Africa with Ewan I have always had a real affection for the country. South Africa is one of the most beautiful places on earth, rich in culture, landscape and people, and I feel really privileged and excited to be able to spend six weeks riding around it on my BMW GS Adventure.”

Viewers can watch all four parts of Charley’s Extreme Frontiers: Canada series on

Keep up to date with Charley and Russ’ travels live on, or follow them on Twitter @extremefrontier and Facebook.

Some of the exciting activities planned for Extreme Frontiers South Africa will include:

  • Visiting Mvezo village and Qunu, Nelson Mandela’s birthplace and current hometown
  • Celebrating International Mandela Day
  • Climbing Table Mountain in Cape Town
  • Diving with blacktip and tiger sharks – without a cage
  • A safari expedition in the Kruger
  • Hiking in the Drakensburg Mountains to the one of the biggest waterfalls in the world
  • Learning about rhino poaching in the Pilansburg National Park
  • Paramotoring down the Limpopo river with a parajet
  • Finishing the tour with a biker convoy of local riders