‘Ducati All Stars’ Tour | Intro Video











Ducati All Stars Video

Ducati has just released its latest video, “Ducati All Stars Tour – Introduction,” which highlights musical passion built around the Ducati name.

In this video, the four musicians that make up the Ducati All Stars band take four motorcycles – three Multistradas and a Streetfighter – and spend eight days riding throughout the West Coast.

But musicians Steve Jones, Billy Duffy, Billy Morrison and Franky Perez just didn’t tour the West Coast, racking up around 2,000 miles; they also played seven shows along the way.

Speaking of the video, Ducati simply says “This is the story of four friends that set out on an adventure to share their love of music and riding motorcycles.”

Stay tuned for more videos showcasing the talents and passion of the Ducati All Stars.