MotoStance: M-1 Front Sportbike Stand

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Motorcycle Stands

MotoStance has introduced its new M-1 front paddock stand. Designed for today’s modern sportbike, the M-1 Stand is constructed from heavy-duty rolled steel with reinforced internal steel plugs for added strength and durability.

One-piece construction makes the stand extremely stable, and the M-1 is universal to fit most front forks. All hardware is zinc plated to prevent corrosion, with rubberized plugs to protect your motorcycle where it comes into contact.

The stand’s light weight makes it easy for one person to lift the front of their bike for maintenance, repair or storage.

Available in a sleek powder-coated black finish, the MotoStance M-1 Front Stand retails for $79.99 and is available through your local dealer.

For more information, please visit the MotoStance website at or call 972.424.7900.