Shorai Ultralight Motorcycle Batteries

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Shorai Motorcycle Battery

Advances in battery technology now allow riders to get energized and drop weight without breaking a sweat, thanks to the world’s lightest and strongest motorcycle batteries from Shorai.

Utilizing lithium technology combined with a tough carbon-fiber composite case, these Shorai next-generation prismatic lithium-iron batteries weigh an astonishing 70-80 percent less than a lead acid battery – and they provide faster cranking for better starts, recharge quicker than a conventional battery and hold a charge for an entire year without maintenance and with zero sulfation.

No more worrying about self-discharge during long storage. Environmentally friendly too with no explosive gasses and no lead and no acid. Just discharge and dispose when it reaches the end of a long service life (up to four times the life of a lead-acid battery). This is the battery of the future…today.

Shorai Ultralight Motorcycle Batteries:

  • World’s lightest and strongest motorcycle batteries.
  • Hold a charge for an entire year.
  • No maintenance required.
  • Faster cranking for better starts.
  • Fast recharge and long service life.
  • Cranking power: 210-405A
  • Weight: 1.68-3.85 lbs.
  • Size: 5.83″-6.55″×2.6″-3.39″×3.46″-5.51″
  • Prices: $159 – $275

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