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One of the world’s most respected market research firms, Pike Research, recently conducted an independent study on electric motorcycle and scooter markets.

And following the study, titled the Pike Pulse Report, the American-based Zero Motorcycles achieved the highest overall results, scoring higher than many notable names within the industry, including KTM and Honda.

The independent study evaluated “the competitive landscape of both the electric motorcycle and electric scooter markets,” and was based on 12 distinct categories that measured an Original Equipment Manufacturers’ (OEM) ability to compete on a global level.

Scot Harden (VP of Global Marketing, Zero Motorcycles) says: “Pike Research is one of the industry’s leading independent market research firms when it comes to EV’s and new technology. We are very gratified to hear that they have ranked us number one in the electric motorcycle industry.

“It confirms we are on a good path and serves as huge motivation for us to keep pushing hard to develop our vision for electric motorcycles. It also is a huge reward for the staff of Zero Motorcycles who share equally in this acknowledgment. We are deeply committed to this product segment.”

Following is an excerpt from the Pike Pulse Report:

Zero Motorcycle achieved the highest ranking in this Pike Pulse Report with a combination of strong strategic planning and great execution of those plans.

The company’s product lineup is well suited to the less cost-conscious early adopter market. Zero is also pursuing a specialty market for the e-motorcycles (off-road and fleet applications). In addition, the company has put together a strong management team and continues to build a strong dealer network in the key regions of Western Europe, Asia Pacific, Latin America and North America. All of these factors have provided Zero with strong momentum leading into 2012.

The Pike Pulse Report was scored on the following criteria:


  • Vision
  • Go-To-Market Strategy
  • Partners
  • Product and Production Strategy
  • Technology
  • Geographic Reach

Execution Criteria

  • Market Share
  • Sales and Marketing
  • Product Quality and Reliability
  • Product Features
  • Pricing
  • Staying Power

The Zero S, a street fighter, and Zero DS, a dual sport, are both available in a 6 or 9 kWh configuration. As measured by the EPA UDDS, the Zero S is capable of respectively achieving 76 or 114 miles on a single charge.

Both motorcycles offer a higher top speed, with the Zero DS hitting 80 mph and the Zero S topping out at 88 mph. Both motorcycles offer a broad torque band and stealthy acceleration from 0 rpm that makes them incredibly fun to ride.

In addition, all the street models, including the Zero XU, feature new brushless motors and regenerative braking that allow riders to recoup energy during deceleration. The Zero XU, a motorcycle designed for inner city riding, now uses the same maintenance-free belt drive system as the Zero S and Zero DS. Brushless air-cooled motors, life of motorcycle power packs and belt drive systems make Zero’s lineup of street models just about the world’s easiest-to-own form of transportation.

Zero’s new Z-ForceTM power pack uses a completely new battery cell chemistry and configuration that is up to 95 percent more energy dense and is rated to 3,000 complete charge cycles before hitting 80 percent capacity.

This means that a Zero S could travel as much as 308,000 miles on its original power pack. All of Zero’s on and off-road motorcycles leverage the new technology, meaning that the power pack is designed to exceed the longevity expected of any conventional motorcycle. The result is a complete electric motorcycle line that offers owners exhilarating rides while saving on gas and virtually all-routine powertrain maintenance.

The same is true for the all new Zero X and MX. Improvements in styling, performance and range make both of these off-road oriented models a dream to own and operate. With almost three times the range of previous Zero X and MX models, and with substantially more power on tap, these electric dirt motorcycles take off-road riding to an all new level.

For additional information on Zero Motorcycles, click here.


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