America’s Quinn Cody out of Dakar

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2012 Dakar Rally

It’s been a tough 2012 Dakar Rally for America’s top prospect Quinn Cody.

The Bel-Ray SuperB Honda CRX 450 rider had a technical issue on Monday, ruling him out of Stage Two, and then crashed during the special for Stage Three.

Cody had a strong start to 2012 Dakar, and was fourth after the first day. Despite dropping to 20th overall during the second stage, he was making up good time and well back within contention for a top ten placing.

The Honda racer made it through the third checkpoint of the San Rafael to San Juan route that included a 291km liaison and 208km special, when he had a huge crash close to the stage end.

After receiving medical attention Cody has been diagnosed with a probable broken piece off the clavicle, a lance to the eyebrow that has now been stitched, and concussion, which have unfortunately ruled him out of the race. He will be flying home today to receive further medical attention and tweeted this morning that he is “feeling lucky” after escaping a more serious injury in his fall.

Henk Hellegers (Bel-Ray SuperB Honda Team Owner) says: “It’s been a very unfortunate end to what was looking like a good possibility for strong finishes in this year’s Dakar race. With Quinn, he was riding really well and had regained his top ten position, so we were looking to make some progress with him. He had a huge crash and medical examinations have shown he has possibly broken a piece off the collarbone, and he has also lanced his eyebrow quite badly, which has been stitched.

“He also seems to be suffering from concussion, so he was unable to continue and is now flying home to receive medical attention. I’d like to thank everyone for their hard work – we have a really good team this year, although we’ve never had so much bad luck, but this is the Dakar and anything can happen.”