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Scorpion EXO Sportbike Jacket

Besides flexibility, my biggest qualm regarding leather motorcycle jackets designed for sportbike riders is the lack of a full-sleeve liner.

With 95 percent of my sportbike treks occurring in or around Northeast Pennsylvania, it’s easy to understand why a full-sleeve liner is paramount for additional time in the twisties.

This feature simply makes a jacket useful throughout the four seasons here on the East Coast, providing that warmth needed for extra comfort that equates into extra miles. If only this jacket was waterproof, most sportbike riders would need nothing else.

Finding a comfortable sportbike jacket that featured a full-sleeve liner was always complication, but Scorpion has changed this with its new Assailant motorcycle jacket, one that features not only protection and comfort throughout the four seasons, but much styling also.

As always, Scorpion has a unique name for this full-sleeve liner, as it does for every unique feature on its jackets – the "EverHeat." And this thermal liner does exactly what the name implies; it keeps the heat in when the temps begin to chill the bones, taking the enjoyment from hitting those apexes.

I’ve used the jacket on fully-faired sportbikes in temps below 50 degrees with just a t-shirt, and my core remained warm. When the temps got colder, I simply slipped on some cold wear and a long-sleeve thermal.

Another nice feature of the EverHeat liner is that it has comfortable cuffs that wrap snuggly around the wrists, not allowing air to penetrate up the sleeve when the temps are cold. The liner also features Scorpion’s KwickWick moisture management, which allows the body’s sweat to evaporate without letting cold air in.

A perfect jacket for cool-weather riding, the Scorpion Assailant surprised me when I realized it was just as affective when the temps are flirting with 100 degrees. Un-zip and detach four buttons (near wrist, and hips), and the EverHeat liner easily slips out, turning the Assailant into a warm-weather jacket.

The key to this coolness? The Assailant features Scorpion’s trademarked "AirVent" ventilation system that consists of zip vents and perforation at the right locations.

As for the zipped vents, the Scorpion sportbike jacket features two vertical zippers on the upper back, and two longer vertical zippers up front from the breast to the hip. These two front zippers also contain pockets – when the pockets are empty, the rider can zip the pockets up halfway for just ventilation. When the pockets are empty, unzip all the way for additional airflow. The jacket also features perforation on the front shoulders and along the lower, inner arms, furthering airflow.

Besides the ability to quickly adapt to temperature situations, the Scorpion Assailant will also provide the protection in case of a spill. The jacket is designed from 1.2mm – 1.4mm thick top-grain leather that features "EXO-Stitch" reinforcement safety seams, and "Exo-Tec" ventilated armor in the shoulders and elbows.

The Exo-Tech armor furthers comfort due to its lack of bulk, and is barely noticeable while riding. The Assailant also features P.E. Armor in the back compartment, which was does double duty as a back-protector holder if needed.

As stated in my intro, my biggest qualm besides the lack of a full-sleeve liner is flexibility. The Assailant didn’t lack any flexibility, although initially it was a bit stiff. The jacket features a strip of stretch panels from under the armpit to the waist, and Kevlar stretch panels on the inner sleeves. This are immediately noticed from the first ride regarding comfort, although it took about three days of spirited sportbike riding to break in the jacket; this is when the true comfort of the Assailant begins.

Regarding fit, the Scorpion Assailant is true to size. I normally wear a 42, and ordered a Large (42-44). The size was optimal, and was roomy enough for a bit of layering under the EverHeat, but not too roomy when the liner’s out. The jacket further allows for customized fit with two adjustors on the back of the waist.

And with this comfort and protection arrives unique styling. The white and black jacket is tastefully styled with some red, and branding is minimal. The Assailant also features additional style cues such as the "NightViz" reflective trim that provides some extra nighttime visibility.

The only issue I had with the Scorpion Assailant besides the long break-in period was pulling a zipper off the left rear vent. It’s closed, and even with only the right vent open the jacket provides adequate ventilation when it’s warmer, but this is one thing I will have fixed.

Everyone I dealt with at Scorpion has been enthusiastic about the quality of the products, so I’m sure a simple exchange would be possible. But I think I’ll just deal with it – I’m not about ready to break in another Assailant, and a tailor must exist somewhere close.

The Verdict:
If you’re looking for a sportriding jacket that’s designed to withstand various temperatures, the Scorpion Assailant is the optimal choice. Just remember to pack a rain suit if there’s a threat of rain. And if you do decide on the under $360 jacket, give it those three days to break in…

Scorpion Assailant Jacket:

  • Sizes: Small – 2XL
  • MSRP: $359.95 ($374.95 for 2XL)

For additional information, log onto ScorpionUSA.


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