Indonesia: 1st Motorcycle-Only Gas Station

Indonesia Motorcycle News

The motorcycle statistics in Indonesia are staggering - according to the Indonesian Motorcycle Industry Association (AISI), 7.4 million motorcycles were sold there in 2010.

And in the latest Central Statistic Agency data reports that there were 70.71 million vehicles in Indonesia (2009), 52.43 million of which were motorcycles.

Due to the popularity of two-wheeled machines in such a densely-populated area, PT Shell Indonesia, in cooperation with PT Midi Utama Indonesia, have opened gas stations designed exclusively for motorcycles.

These stations, titled "Shell Motor Express," are a first of their kind in the world, and the ideas for the motorcycle-only gas stations were constructed by Indonesia's government.

Shell Indonesia says: "This motorcycle gas station is a pilot project developed in response to the Government’s idea to provide a dedicated refuelling service for motorcycles. Shell Motor Express is purposely built to serve motorcycles which are the largest and fastest growing segment in the domestic motor vehicle industry.

"With the operation of these stations, motorcyclists should experience more comfort, safety, as well as time-efficiency since they will not have to queue along with four-wheel vehicles and trucks."

For comparison, over 7.9 million motorcycles were registered in the United States in 2009 (Bureau of Transportation Statistics). Of course the population is not nearly as dense as Indonesia, but motorcycle-only gas stations would definitely be more than welcomed here in America.

Photo courtesy of Shell Indonesia


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