A New Year’s Day Ride Through NYC (Video)

Mike Z’s Pit Stops

It’s 51 degrees: How can I not take the bike out today?

New Yorker’s know that a day of riding in January is a rare gift and if i didn’t hop on my 2007 Triumph Rocket i would surely regret it as soon as the sun went down.

Carley (my girlfriend and excellent navigator) started our trip in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, and the Triumph Rocket was humming past Peter Luger’s Steakhouse, through the Queens Midtown Tunnel and into Central Park.

We ride with Nolan helmets with their communication system installed so were we able to name 30 possible spots to eat until we saw the perfect parking spot outside Rue 57.

After a brunch of grilled cheese and carmelized onions (for me) and spicy tuna on crispy rice (for Carley) we shot through Times Square to Washington Square Park and then back to the West Side Highway to ride past the 9/11 Memorial and the progress of WTC 1.

Check out a quick video of our ride attached above.

Even the ride home over the Willamsburg bridge was a cakewalk as the wind usually causes white knuckles and an accelerated heart rate. But this afternoon it was a nothing but blue skies and empty lanes.

A perfect way to start 2012.