2012 Dakar: KTM’s Joan Pedrero Bio

MRW KTM’s Joan Pedrero Biography

Born in 1978, Joan Pedrero, the current teammate of three-time Dakar winner Marc Coma, has a wide experience in the enduro world. Nevertheless, his dream was to compete one day in the Dakar, live the adventure of his life. He had the opportunity in 2008 with a humble team with a solidarity aim.

With the excitement of a rookie, Pedrero went to Lisboa to take part in the mythical African race, but just that year the organizers were forced to cancel the race due to terrorist threats.

The rider from Canet de Mar took the blow and next year crossed the ocean to be at the start of the first edition of the South American Dakar. The beginning was not as expected. An electrical failure forced him to lose 11 hours in the first day.

However, after this first setback everything went better. The rookie started to gain confidence and did not disappoint. He was able to finish among the top 10 in one of the stages and after 15 hard and intensive days, Joan Pedrero achieved his aim: to complete the Dakar in his first participation -in 42nd. position.

After his first experience in South America, Pedrero was not sure if he would be able to continue taking part in that magnificent race. The high budget required by the Dakar was a barrier difficult to overcome by an amateur rider. But thanks to many efforts, in 2010 he took the step he needed to be known in the raids world. With a rented KTM he was able to take the tenth place in the Dakar, becoming the best classified Spanish and Amateur rider in the race.

That performance gave him widespread recognition and the possibility to enter the MRW KTM Team together with Marc Coma in the following year. Pedrero accepted the challenge and became the assistant of the three times Dakar winner. Together they achieved a faultless result in that edition: Coma won the race for the third time and Pedrero achieved the fifth final position. A feat that allowed him to enter the elite of the Dakar; a dream come true.

For the 2012 Dakar edition, the challenge for the MRW rider is even harder. After showing his great potential in a race as tough as the Dakar, the bar he has set with his amazing performance of last year is very high. His advantages are his humility and his willingness to keep progressing and learning.