2012 IMBBA International Cup to Sturgis

2012 Sturgis Motorcycle Rally

IMBBA President Jeff Starke announced a venue and date change for the IMBBA International Cup Competition.

Originally set to take place in Quebec April 2012, the IMBBA Internaitonal Cup Competition has been changed to Sturgis, S.D., during the 72nd Sturgis Motorcycle Rally.

Jeff Starke says: "The show will now be part of the most famous and largest motorcycle rally in the world. With a competition of this magnitude and bikes of this quality, it is fitting that we hold the show at a venue where hundreds of thousands of people can potentially see these world class bikes for the first time anywhere!"

"After much deliberation with the committee in charge of the show in Canada, the IMBBA Board of Directors decided to change the venue. We all felt it would be mutually beneficial to all parties to do so.

It was not an easy decision, but it is what is best for the builders who have worked so hard to build these bikes, the IMBBA, and the promoter of the show in Canada. The show will continue on as it has in the past bringing you some of Canada’s very best builders as they showcase their talents. IMBBA will proudly continue to support that great show any way we can."

Moving forward, IMBBA International has entered in to a partnership with the AMD World Championship of Custom Bike Building held in Sturgis during the rally in August. The IMBBA International Cup will now be known as the IMBBA International Qualifier Class. This will yield the IMBBA International Champion and will be qualified under the same rules of being a bike never seen before and the builders representing their country.

As an added bonus to the IMBBA International Builders, the IMBBA will pay for the entry fee so that these bikes can simultaneously compete for the undisputed World Championship under AMD rules and classifications.

Move in date for the AMD World Championship of Custom Bike Building is Aug. 4, 2012 and the show is opened August 5 – 8, 2012.

The IMBBA would like to thank everyone that worked so hard to make things happen in Canada. We sincerely thank you for the efforts put forth. "Our Canadian industry associates absolutely delivered on everything they said they would do, but it was just not meant to be." said Starke.

Jeff Starke says: "We sincerely apologize to anyone feeling slighted in Canada by this decision. That was certainly not our intention in making this move. However, it is the best move for the builders who spent their time and resources to compete as well as the promoter of the show and IMBBA International."


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