NCR M4 (One Shot) | Wallpaper

Exotic Motorcycle Wallpaper

The Bologna-based NCR recently unveiled its newest models – the M4 and M4 One Shot.

These exotic motorcycles are based on the company’s Millona model, but were designed to be lighter than the Millona in pure-race trim.

As always, powering the NCR machine is a Ducati engine, this time an air-cooled 1100cc EVO motor that produces 107 horsepower at 7,500 rpm. Doesn’t sound like much? The M4 weights in at a very skinny 286 lbs.

But the One Shot takes performance a few steps further, modifying the Ducati EVO 1100 engine with a billet stroker crank, titanium connecting rods, titanium hardware throughout and NCREVR slipper clutch. The One Shot pumps out a 132 horsepower at 8,700 rpm.

The One Shot’s weight? A slimmer 278 lbs.

The motor is the only difference between both M4 models. Each one features a titanium frame and subframe along with carbon fiber tank, wheels, instrument cluster, airbox, oil cooler housing and fenders.

Both motorcycles are expected to hit the US market in spring 2012. Expect to the NCR M4 to have a MSRP of $49,900, and the NCR M4 One Shot to have a MSRP of $69,900.

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