AXO 5to9 Motorcycle Riding Shoes

AXO Motorcycle Shoes

AXO introduces the ultimate urban riding shoe: the 5to9. Built for maximum comfort on and off the bike, the 5to9 utilizes an innovative BOA Closure System instead of the bulky buckles and dangerous laces found on other riding shoes.

Featuring a ratcheting spool and stainless steel laces, BOA Technology allows you to find the perfect fit and fine tune it any time you need with a twist of the easy to turn ratchet. And when the ride is over, the AXO 5to9 is just as easy to take off with an amazingly simple quick release opening system.

Constructed of abrasion resistant PU coated Action Leather, the 5to9 comes equipped for the ride with ergonomic ankle protection and a durable shift guard.

If style and comfort are just as important to you as safety and durability, then head over to to get the inside scoop on the ultimate urban riding shoe: the AXO 5to9.

AXO 5to9 Riding Shoes:

  • Colors: Black/Red, Blue/Yellow
  • MSRP: $150


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