MX Cup: McGrath/Carmichael Hybrid Track

2011 Monster Energy Cup

After weeks of designing, Supercross icons Jeremy McGrath and Ricky Carmichael finilazed the hybrid track layout for the 2011 Monster Energy Cup Oct. 15 at Las Vegas’ Sam Boyd Stadium, Feld Motor Sports said Monday.

Between both Motocross giants, McGrath and Carmichael have designed the world’s longest stadium race track, one that will feature many obstacles to challenge the skills of riders at the Monster Energy Cup.

Besides being the longest track ever built, the circuit will also be the first laid out at the south end zone of Sam Boyd Stadium.

Feld Motor Sporst says: "Two-hundred-forty feet of the track will launch riders into the stands and catapult them back to the floor of the stadium. With a 100′ double set on the outside part of the track and a 200′ lane stacked with two-foot sand rollers, this is one of the most diverse race tracks ever assembled."

This design helped create the "hybrid" Monster Cup track layout.

With a record 72 Supercross class wins and seven Supercross class titles, McGrath recognizes that it is much harder to design a track than race one.

Jeremy McGrath
says: "Getting the basic layout is the hard part, and I now realize it’s a lot more work to design a track than ride one. When you are in charge of designing a race track, you get a lot of criticism because it is hard to make all of the riders happy.

"This is a much bigger track than the riders have ever ridden, and it is going to be exciting to watch. I am looking forward to the seeing the uphill section built into the stands."

Carmichael, who has two wins inside Sam Boyd Stadium, is excited about the final product.

Ricky Carmichael
says: "Now that the track is completed, I am even more excited to see the great racing that this track is going to produce. I think the outside section is going to be epic, and it goes without saying that the inside has a design that will also lend itself to some great battles, especially with the track going into the stands."

The Monster Energy Cup posts a $250,000 purse, awarding the winner a $100,000 check, and for the "first time ever," $1 Million will be paid to a rider that wins all three main events., Feld says.

Following is what officials at the track are saying about the Carmichael/McGrath track design.

Eric Johnson (Communications Director, Media Monster Energy) says: "We didn’t want to have a full-on supercross track, but instead more of a hybrid track mixing both elements of supercross and motocross. We also wanted to try to attract riders from all over the world, so a more natural-type track would be key."

Todd Jendro (Feld Motor Sports Senior Director of Two-Wheel Operations) says: "Our idea was to commission the greatest riders in the two disciplines, supercross and motocross, and design a Hybrid track that is symbolic of the years of experience between these two legends.

"We decided that bringing the track into the stands would be a spectacular addition for the riders and fans. The biggest factors for us are making sure this section of the track enables the riders to push the limits of gravity, all while encouraging them to pass one another in the process.

" An event this exciting deserves something special, and we’re going to bring back this iconic element of the track design, which was made famous at the L.A. Coliseum and the Pontiac Silverdome."

Dave Prater (Director of Supercross, Feld Motor Sports) says: "Our goal was not to make this just another supercross event," said Dave Prater, director of supercross, Feld Motor Sports. Stressing that the hybrid track will be suited to a wide range of riders-including international riders.

"The track itself will also be developed for an open-class displacement concept. We will create obstacles, corners, and the start straight to help the 250cc machines compete against the 450cc machines, which will in turn level the playing field."

Tickets for the 2011 Monster Energy Cup can be purchased at the Thomas & Mack Center Box Office, UNLVtickets outlets, online at,, or by phone at (702) 739-FANS. Tickets will be available at the Sam Boyd Stadium Box Office on the day of the event only.