Edelweiss: Che Guevara Motorcycle Tour

2012 Edelweiss Motorcycle Tours

With 58 Edelweiss motorcycle tours planned for 2012, one will take riders into the heart of Cuba, the Che Guevara Tour.

This tour in Cuba is not meant to only honor the revolutionist Che Guevara, but also teach more about the past and the history of this amazing country.

Cuba, the amazing island in the Caribbean Sea welcomes you to a "once in a lifetime" tour.

Whether you walk the historic streets in Havana, Trinidad or Santa Clara ,or you are riding a rented Harley-Davidson while passing scenic villages, riding on coastal roads, dining in private Paladars, Cuba is like being in a time capsule.

After the revolution in 1958 the world in Cuba stopped and took a new and winding road, to where it is today. Cuba has not denied its past and you will find many examples of this, just look at the old and famous American cars, and the buildings in Havana or Trinidad. Many names of streets and hotels are still the same as before the revolution.

In Cuba you will find some of the friendliest and hospitably people. All interested in where you come from and what you think of their wonderful country. Our tour guides in Cuba are all passionate "Harlistas" riding their Harley’s from 1958 and older. These guys know all the scenic roads in Cuba and will gladly gui de you thru them.

On the Edelweiss tours, participants will visit the Province of Pinar del Rio, famous for their tobacco plantations and production of tobacco leaves. We will visit the museum at the Bay of Pigs as well as the Mausoleum of Che Guevara in Santa Clara.

The City of Trinidad is one of the cities on the World Heritage site list and of course, we will spend some time there. In Havana you will have time to visit the famous places in Old Havana. In the rural country side farming is still done as 50 or 100 years ago. Depending on where you are in this western part of Cuba, the farmers grow tobacco leaves, bananas, grapes, rice and even coffee.

Edelweiss has a huge network of friends that takes you to places where something is going on. Local knowledge is the best way to find experiences you would never get on your own.

Traffic in Cuba is slow, and on the Cuban highway "Autopista" you will meet not only trucks, coaches and cars but also horse carries, bicycles and lost cows and pigs. Edelweiss tour guides never go faster than they have time to stop and enjoy.

The hotels the tour stays in are all carefully selected in their location and standard. Since Cuba is surrounded by water, this is where many restaurants get their "dishes" from. Tropical fish and Langoustines are served in many places. Pork and rice is the common man’s food, but even that you will get served with fruits and vegetables and it will be a delicious dinner, accompanied by the local beer, Bucanero. Today in Havana you will find restaurants with the finest Canadian imported meat, vines from France, Spain, Chile and South Africa.

Starting and ending point of this tour is in the capital of Cuba – La Havana.

The total tour mileage is between 960-1090 miles with an approximate daily mileage of 50-260 miles.

The main highlights you get to see are the Bay of the Pigs, Lake Hanabanilla, the monumentary mansoleo al Chè and Mural de la Prehistoria.

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