2012 Husqvarna TXC 511 | Preview

2012 Husqvarna Motorcycle

Husqvarna coins the 2012 TXC 511 as the “open-class off-road specialist.” The biggest of the three in Husky’s 2012 cross-country lineup, which also includes the TXC 250 and all-new TXC 310, has some new features – an all-black chromoly frame, which is reinforced for higher rigidity and improved tensile strength, along with some upgraded suspension components.

But first, the power. Helping the TXC 511 achieve ultimate horsepower for off-road riding is the fuel-injected 477.5cc motor, which was revised and fine-tuned for 2012 to “smooth out power delivery.”

Husqvarna says: “The dual-flap ignition system is re-tuned to improve low-end power, resulting in an overall better-running bike. Like its TE counterpart, the TXC511 receives a new single-piece tail section, simplified to improve aesthetics and function.”

As for suspension upgrades, the Kayaba shock body remains the same as previous models, but the TXC511 features a new progressive spring that creates more sag, allowing the rear-end of the motorcycle to lower.

Husqvarna says: “Altering the geometry helps refine the overall balance, and noticeably improves the handling characteristics of the TXC511. Husqvarna’s patented CTS (Coaxial Traction System) works in ideal harmony with the refined suspension components, continuing to provide incredible climbing ability and unparalleled straight-line stability.”

As for ergonomics, Husky improved these with a narrow tail piece that is 15mm shorter than the 2011 TXC 511.

Ergonomics are significantly improved with the narrower tail piece, which is also 15mm shorter than last year’s.

Following are the highlights, specs and MSRP for the 2012 Husqvarna TXC511.

2012 Husqvarna TXC 511 Highlights:

  • New all-black chromoly frame with higher rigidity and improved strength.
  • Kayaba suspension front and rear.
  • New 48mm Kayaba closed-cartridge fork re-valved with stiffer settings.
  • Silver Excel rims.
  • New style IPD (in-mold plastic design) graphics.
  • Kayaba shock receives progressive shock spring.
  • Handling improved with revised shock, designed to harmonize with CTS to also retain its characteristic straight-line stability.
  • Re-tuned dual-flap ignition system revised to improve low-end performance.
  • Revised one-piece tail section is narrower for streamlined ergonomics.
  • New WP radiators improve cooling capability.
  • Green sticker designation in California

2012 Husqvarna TXC 511 Specs:

  • Displacement: 477.5cc
  • Bore x Stroke: 101 x 59.6mm
  • Gears: 6
  • Starting: electric
  • Front Suspension: 48mm Kayaba closed-cartridge
  • Rear Suspension: fully-adjustable Kayaba shock
  • Fuel Capacity: 2.5 gal
  • Wheelbase: 58.7 in
  • Seat Height: 37.9 in
  • Curb Weight: 242.5 lbs

2012 Husqvarna TXC 511 MSRP:

  • $8,299