Devil’s Staircase: Hillclimb Champs Crowned

2011-devils-staircase-ama-hillclimb-champs-crowned (1)

2011 AMA Hillclimb Grand Championship

The American Motorcyclist Association (AMA) congratulates the national champions who ruled the Devil’s Staircase at the 2011 AMA Racing Hillclimb Grand Championships in Oregonia, Ohio, Aug. 13-14.

Ken Sailant (AMA Racing Track Manager) says: “It was a great time, with more than 400 entries on each day of the two-day event. We had great weather, lots of fun and the Dayton Motorcycle Club, as always, did a fine job running the event. They kept the hill challenging and well maintained all day.”

In addition to the 20 class champions determined at the event, three special awards were presented to standout riders. Luke Cipala, from Ellsworth, Wis., was the Youth Hillclimber of the Year. Zach Diercks, from Hager City, Wis., was the ATV Hillclimber of the Year. Luke Parmeter, 22, from Wisconsin Rapids, Wis., was the Hillclimber of the Year.

Luke Parmeter says: “It was an awesome weekend. It’s going to be a hard one to beat. The hill was really tough compared to last year. The jumps were pretty big, and you had to be really smooth on the landing. I was able to keep my front end up through the jumps and landings and be smooth from all the rides. That was the key to the hill, just being smooth.”

Parmeter won the 250cc class, Four-Stroke class and 750cc class. He also competed in the 450cc class, where he got third. Parmeter, who competes in Motocross and runs the website, had a fastest time of the weekend of 9.8840 seconds in the Four-Stroke class.

Luke Parmeter says: “I’ve been trying to win a national my whole life. Two years ago, I lost by six-hundredth of a second, and last year it was five-hundredths of a second. To finally win it was such a good feeling.”

To earn the AMA Racing ATV Hillclimber of the Year, Diercks was the champion in the ATV Two-Stroke class with a fast time of 10.5180 seconds. Youth award winner Cipala won the 65cc and 85cc Mini Jr. classes and had a fast time of 12.6570 seconds.

Full event results will be available at and soon.