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2011 ISDE: Finland Day 4 Quick Results


International Six Days Enduro

Here’s a quick rundown of the results from Thursday, Day 4 of the 2011 International Six Days Enduro in Finland.

In ISDE World Trophy news, Finland continues to lead over Spain, having over a 20-minute lead. In third is the Americans; star KTM rider Kurt Caselli won three tests, but also received a speeding ticket that cost him four minutes.

There was a change in the ISDE Junior Trophy, with France overtaking Sweden for first. France now has a 7-minute lead over Sweden, with Great Britain 15 minutes behind.

In the ISDE Woman’s Trophy, France still leads, gaining an extra six minutes over Finland.

Finland ISDE Standings after Day 4:

World Trophy
1. Finland (Tarkkala, Remes, Salminen, Seistola, Mattila, Salonen): 12:51:02.66
2. Spain (Mena, Cervantes, Guerrero C., Santolino, Roman, Guerrero V.): +20:58.01
3. USA Udall, Abbott, Bobbitt, Jarrett, Caselli, Kanney): +41:05.12
4. Sweden (Ljunggren, Larsson, Persson, Mörhed, Edlund, Karlsson): +51:20.77
5. Netherlands (Vogels, Advokaat, Lammertink, Hubers, Plekkenpol, Wassink): +1:03:37.42
6. Germany (Jud, Haustein, Schröter, Freund, Scheidhauer, Pfefferkorn): +1:48:05.58

Junior Trophy

1. France (Bellino, Queyreyre, Dumontier, Fortunato): 8:06:03.01
2. Sweden (Svensson, Sundin, Carlsson, Sjöö): +7:01.32
3. Great Britain (Rockwell, Rowland, Walker, McCanney): +15:05.70

Women’s Trophy
1. France: 8:41:10.82
2. Finland: + 1:12:15.68
3. Australia: + 3:05.59.75

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