2012 Honda NSF250R to America

2012 Honda Race Bike

With the four-stroke Moto3 class to replaced the current two-stroke 125cc Class in FIM Grand Prix racing, Honda will release the 2012 Honda Racing Corporation (HRC) NSF250R in America.

The NSF250R is expected to be in authorized Honda dealers which chose to sell the race machine in February, 2012.

The NSF 250 R features a liquid-cooled, single-cylinder 249cc four-stroke engine that will be legal in USGPRU Moto3 and WERA racing in the USA, and others.

HRC says technical highlights of the NSF250F include a front-intake/rear-exhaust configuration with high charging efficiency, plus an engine layout with the cylinder tilted back 15 degrees to concentrate mass.

To generate strong power throughout the high-rpm range, the NSF250R incorporates titanium valves for both intake and exhaust to reduce friction and lighten the valve train.

Furthermore, the design reduces friction between piston and cylinder and improves durability by offsetting the cylinder centerline and applying nickel silicon carbide (Ni-SiC) for the cylinder surface treatment. The cassette gearbox design was selected for quick and easy gearset changes for the close-ratio, six-speed transmission, thereby allowing gear selection to be optimized over a large variety of racing circuits.

This lightweight, well-balanced machine offers impressive power output and superb handling to achieve a great blend of high performance plus rider-friendly traits well suited to up-and-coming racers.

Keith Dowdle (Assistant Manager Honda Riders Club of America (HRCA) says: "This is a great opportunity for people who want to start road racing with a full-on track bike. Now riders have the option of buying a purpose-built race-ready motorcycle right out of the box, as an alternative to modifying a street bike-all at a reasonable price.

"Just as off-road riders can purchase and race one of our full-on CRF450R or CRF250R motocross bikes, now road racers have the means to buy a race-ready track bike."

In the United States, the NSF250R will be included in American Honda’s 2012 racing contingency program with levels of awards similar to those granted to racers competing on CBR models. Complete contingency payout details will follow with the 2012 contingency program announcement.

The NSF250R will be made available to all Honda motorcycle dealers who wish to become an authorized NSF250R dealer, and delivery is estimated for February 2012.

However, dealers will only be able to place orders up to the cutoff date of Sept. 2, 2011, so riders planning to purchase an NSF250R will need to visit their dealer before that date to place an order. MSRP for the NSF250R has been established at $28,599.



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