Vintage Motorcycle Days: Referee Training

2011 AMA Motorcycle Vintage Days

AMA Racing, the amateur racing department of the American Motorcyclist Association (AMA), is pleased to announce a referee training seminar during the AMA Racing Vintage Grand Championships held as part of AMA Vintage Motorcycle Days featuring Kawasaki, Marque of the Year, July 22-24 at the Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course in Lexington, Ohio.

Joe Bromley (AMA Director of Racing) says: "This seminar will give members of the racing community a look at the intricacies of being a certified AMA Racing referee.

"Many of those who grew up around motorcycle competition, whether as fans or racers, have found refereeing an excellent way to get involved in the sport in a new way."

The free seminar will be held from 9 a.m. to noon on Friday, July 22, at the tech garage in the Mid-Ohio roadrace paddock. Coffee and other refreshments will be provided, along with some AMA-branded gifts for the participants. Longtime AMA referee Harv Whipple will conduct the seminar.

The seminar will include three sessions that apply to all racing disciplines. The first one will provide a general overview of a certified AMA referee’s responsibilities, including risk management, protest/appeals, and cover elements of flagging and registration. The second session will discuss sound testing. The third will cover some important considerations for engine teardown and inspection.

Joe Bromley says: "AMA-sanctioned competition is built on a foundation of balanced and consistent rules. The event referee is at the front lines of enforcing those rules. For the safety, enjoyment and fair treatment of our racers, we take the certification of our referees very seriously. Although this brief seminar won’t result in certification itself, it will give interested enthusiasts an excellent look at what’s involved in taking that interest to the next level."

The seminar is free, but because it is held as part of AMA Vintage Motorcycle Days with proceeds benefiting the Motorcycle Hall of Fame, attendees will need to purchase a ticket to the event to have access to the Mid-Ohio grounds.

Registration is not necessary. To attend the seminar, simply be at the tech garage before 9 a.m. on Friday. For more information about the seminar, call AMA Motocross Manager Kip Bigelow at (614) 856-1900, ext. 1345.

Held at the world-class Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course, AMA Vintage Motorcycle Days includes vintage and post-vintage competition in motocross, trials, hare scrambles, roadracing and dirt track. The three-day event will also feature North America’s largest motorcycle swap meet, bike shows, demo rides of current production bikes, motorcycling seminars, the new product Manufacturers’ Midway, and club corrals featuring marque and regional clubs.

Proceeds from AMA Vintage Motorcycle Days benefit the Motorcycle Hall of Fame, which is located on the campus of the AMA in Pickerington, Ohio. The mission of the Hall of Fame is to celebrate, elucidate and preserve the rich tradition of motorcycling in America. Its exhibits honor the distinguished men and women whose competitive spirit, passion, vision and entrepreneurship have played a vital role in shaping the sport, lifestyle and business of motorcycling. For more information, call (614) 856-2222, or visit the Hall of Fame’s website at

Tickets to AMA Vintage Motorcycle Days can be purchased online at For more information about the event, visit