2011 Tiger 800 | Laminar Calm LIP


Tiger 800/800XC Wind Noise

Laminar says their latest LIP, specifically designed for the 2011 Tiger 800 and 800XC, reduces wind noise and buffeting, making the ride quieter and more comfortable.

Easy installation, requires no tools or drilling. Laminar has other custom formulated acrylic LIPs that fit the OE windshields of earlier Tigers and 20 other Triumph models; as well as over 300 LIPs for other makes.

The Tiger 800 LIP is available today from your dealer or direct ($84 plus shipping, clear or smoke) from Laminar LLC, 2612 Croddy Way, Unit M, Santa Ana, CA 92704. Call 714-540-8006 or laminarlip.com.


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