Schuberth C3 & C3W: J&M Communication


Motorcycle Communication

Schuberth North America customers will now be able to have J&M corded headsets installed in a C3 or C3W motorcycle helmet.

Randy Northrup (Schuberth North America’s General Manager) says: “Although the Schuberth Rider Communication System allows riders to easily install a fully integrated Bluetooth system into a Schuberth C3 or C3W, we know that some riders would prefer to be wired into current on-bike systems or to use CB radio. Customers who currently own J&M systems can be assured that when they purchase a new C3 or C3W that J&M will have a solution for connectivity to their bike and passengers.”

Customers who wish to have a J&M headset installed in a C3 or C3W will need to purchase the helmet from an authorized Schuberth dealer and either send the helmet to J&M or see them on-site at a motorcycle event.

Randy Northrup says: “After getting our helmets tested and approved for use with the J&M integrated headset, we are happy to be able to offer this option for Schuberth customers since J&M offers some of the best communications systems available.

Details about the C3 and C3W helmets and dealer locations are available on the Schuberth website: