Toni Bou Takes 3rd Trials Victory at Leon

2011 Trial World Championship

For the third time in the 2011 Trial World Championship, Repsol’s Toni Bou was successful, taking the Spanish Trial Grand Prix Sunday at Pobladura de las Regueras (Leon).

At Round 4 in Spain, Bou put on a flawless performance in the first pass of the 15 zones, taking the best overall score. Joining him on the pdoium was Gas Gas rider Adama Ragan, and Sherco rider Albert Cabestany.

With three out of four wins, Bou increased his Trials lead by 10 points over Raga.

Toni Bou (Repsol Trial) says: “I felt very comfortable on the bike and I think I it was shown in my riding. In the first lap it was not very good to be the first to pass the water areas, as they were very slippery.

“In the second lap, I fell in the first zone and in the next I missed a point, but then I focused and everything went perfectly. It was a very positive day and this is a very valuable victory for the Championship.”

The 2011 Trial World Championship heads to Andorra on Sunday, June 26, for round five.

2011 Regueras Trials Results
1. Toni Bou (Repsol Montesa Honda) 9 points
2. Adam Raga (Gas Gas) 19 points
3. Albert Cabestany (Sherco) 22 points
4. Takahisa Fujinami (Repsol Montesa Honda) 30 points
5. Jeroni Fajardo (Ossa) 38 points

2011 Trials World Championship Point Standings:
1. Toni Bou (Repsol Montesa Honda) 75 points
2. Adam Raga (Gas Gas) 65 points
3. Albert Cabestany (Sherco) 62 points
4. Takahisa Fujinami (Repsol Montesa Honda) 52 points
5. Jeroni Fajardo (Ossa) 50