Hayden Tests Ducati GP12 at Mugello

2012 MotoGP Tests

The Ducati MotoGP team continued its testing of the GP12 at Mugello this week, immediately following Sunday’s Silverstone GP. The first team rider to lap the Italian circuit was Nicky Hayden, who completed 83 laps aboard the machine that will be used in 2012 MotoGP, when the the series will allow an engine capacity of 1000cc.

Hayden’s teammate Valentino Rossi will be on the GP12 Wednesday, Ducati reported. As the two Ducati riders continue to improve on the GP12, Ducati test rider Franco Battaini will continue providing feedback on the GP11, the prototype currently used in 2011 MotoGP.

Ducati says after riding with Battaini on Monday, Vittoriano Guareschi once again donned his Team Manager hat Tuesday to follow the work of Nicky Hayden and his team, along with Technical Director Filippo Preziosi.

Nicky Hayden (Ducati MotoGP) says: "It was a positive day, even if the track conditions this morning weren’t great because of the rain last night. That caused us to get started a bit late, but we worked on the setup and some new changes that have been made to the GP12.

"I only started having better feeling after the lunch break, when the sun made the track conditions better. The new asphalt is definitely a big improvement, especially in some spots, like the two Arrabbiate corners, which are really fun now. I’m satisfied with the steps forward that have been made with the bike since the first time I tried it, at Jerez. Thanks to Filippo (Preziosi) for giving me the opportunity to ride it again."