MotoGP: Indy Track Repaving Begins

2011 Indianapolis MotoGP

The 2010 Red Bull Indianapolis MotoGP event brought about much controversy from riders due to bumps in the circuit’s layout, especially throughout the infield section.

One rider who suffered a DNF due to wrecking at Indy MotoGP, then-Ducati Team rider Casey Stoner, said the circuit was "too bumpy" and was not a "world-class circuit."

Indy officials responded, and reported in April that 70 percent of the track would be repaved before the 2011 MotoGP event, which is slated for Aug. 26-28. On Thursday, track officials gave an update on the progress, and reported that paving is currently underway.

Indianapolis Motor Speedway (IMS) says: "The project, which will repave 1.5 miles of the circuit from Turn 5 through Turn 16, is expected to be completed within approximately one week, weather permitting. Phases of the project consist of grinding the existing asphalt and then repaving with fresh asphalt.

IMS says Indy’s Turn 5 is where the course leaves the short chute between Turns 1 and 2 of the oval; Turn 16 is where the circuit leaves the infield near the start of the front straightaway at the exit of Turn 4 of the oval.

This will be the first time the infield section of the Indy track received any resurfacing since it was built in 2000; turns 1 through 4 of the 2.621-mile circuit – located inside Turn 1 of the oval – were created in 2008 for the inaugural Red Bull Indianapolis MotoGP and will not be repaved during this project, IMS says.

Photo from 2010 Indy GP


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