Moto2: Marquez Christens Aerobatic Plane

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The Odena airfield - Igualada, Barcelona - was the setting where 125cc World Champion Marc Marquez christened one of the light aircrafts that will compete in the World Aerobatic Championship and just a few days ago won the Spanish Championship.

The Repsol Moto2 rider, who this weekend will take part in the Catalunya Grand Prix, did not miss the opportunity to see up close the Repsol Aerobatic Team.

Like Marquez, the team's pilots - Anselmo Gámez, Cástor Fantoba and Juan Velarde - compete at the highest international level and are indisputable leaders of this sport in Spain, after winning consecutively the three last National Championship of this speciality.

The winner of the French Grand Prix held a fortnight ago, after placing his usual number 93 beside the plane's propeller, had the opportunity to get into the cabin from which the pilots do the air shows both individually and as a patrol.

They combine synchronized flight with the most spectacular free-style manoeuvres, which Marc Marquez was able to see up close in a relaxed day before focusing on the fifth round of the Motorcycling World Championship.

Marc Marquez (Repsol Moto2) says: "Taking advantage of this round being the Catalunya Grand Prix, the "home" Grand Prix, Repsol offered me the opportunity to know more about the aircrafts that compete in the Spanish and World Aerobatics Championships.

"It is a very interesting sport, as they explained me a bit how it works and it is not easy at all. I suppose you can learn anything with practice, but I always feel a lot of respect when I get in a plane and watching the manoeuvres they do here makes me feel a lot of admiration for they sport they practice.

"For me it is an honor that the plane that has just won the Spanish Championship and that will take part in the World Championship has my number. I thank them for it and I hope it will bring them a lot of success."


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