Remy Gardner Struggles at CMV Round 2

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Wayne Gardner Boys

Remy Gardner finished round two of the Campeonato Mediterráneo de Velocidad (CMV) in 19th position today after struggling with machine issues all weekend.

Remy Gardner says: “It wasn’t a great result for me today, but I did have fun in the race and now I’m just looking forward to coming back to Spain next month and hopefully get a better result.”

It had been a long and eventful weekend. A combination of jetlag and machine failure made for a tough first day of testing on Thursday, and Remy walked away fairly despondent at the end of the session.

Official practice on Friday started well and Remy’s times improved to bring him in line with the top runners. Just as he was getting into a rhythm the team discovered a crack in the 125cc RMU chassis.

They’d been watching it closely after a crack appeared in their other bike. At that point, after experiencing a number of mechanical issues the Monlau team made the decision not to ride the RMUs any further this season, and last year’s Metrakits were pulled out of the trailer.

This proved extremely challenging for Remy and his team mate Andrea Laghi who’d gotten very comfortable on the RMU. Remy had put in time at Parcmotor at the beginning of the month and the day before at Alcarras to get the bike set up perfectly for his riding style, and wasn’t happy about starting all over again with the Metrakit. He didn’t like the feel of it at all and kept loosing the front end through sever chatter on entry into all the turns.

In a system designed to provide hours of track time to the young competitors the CMV program consists of two days of official practice, with two qualifying sessions and a 14-lap race all conducted on the Sunday. This gave Remy and the team an opportunity to work toward better bike set up before qualifying, but it just wasn’t enough and he struggled in the first session and crashed after loosing the front end. A few quick set-up changes didn’t help for qualifying two and his times put him in 25th position from 30 on the grid.

Wayne Gardner says: “This has certainly been a character building weekend for Rem. We always knew it’d be tough but when you add the constant disappointment he’s experienced with bike failure, and the challenge of starting again with a new bike in the middle of the event I think he’s handled it pretty well. I was really concerned in the first few days worrying we’d bitten off more than we can chew, but all that adversity just makes Remy want it more and that’s not a bad thing either.”

In consultation with Wayne, Monlau Competicion Director Emilio Alzamora made the decision not to run the RMU’s any further, and they’re now on the hunt for a Moriwaki 250cc for Remy to ride from the next race at Catalunya on 1-3 July for the rest of the season.

Wayne Gardner says: “We talked about the options, and Emilio and I both agree the Moriwaki would be a great bike for Remy. He has one in Australia he’s been training on and really likes it so it makes sense. It’s a beautiful bike and I have close historical ties with the Moriwaki family so I’d love to see him racing a Moriwaki too.”

Congratulations to the podium placed competitors: 1st Maria Herrera Munoz (Moriwaki); 2nd Marcos Ramirez Fernandez (BMS); and 3rd Josep Garcia Montana (Metrakit).