AMA Pro Racing: Infineon Stats

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AMA Road Racing

The 2011 AMA Pro Racing series returns for round 2 this weekend at Infineon Raceway in the heart of California’s Wince Country.

This year’s West Coast Moto Jam will see many of the best riders vying for points in the AMA Superbike, AMA Daytona SportBike, AMA SuperSport and the Vance & Hines XR1200 Series.

Following is a list of interesting stats and facts from past AMA Pro Racing events at Infineon Raceway:

  • Mat Mladin (Suzuki) holds the record for the most Superbike victories at Infineon Raceway with nine (1999, 2003 doubleheader, 2004, 2005 doubleheader, 2007 doubleheader, 2009).
  • Rich Oliver is the only rider to win four straight years at Infineon Raceway. He won in the 250 Grand Prix class from 1994-97. Oliver will be recognized this weekend as part of the Legends in Sonoma program.
  • Yamaha has just five Superbike victories at Infineon Raceway, three by Josh Hayes.
  • Josh Hayes (Yamaha) has won three of the last four SuperBike main events in Sonoma.
  • Elena Myers (Discovery Bay) became the first female in history to win an AMA Pro Road Race when she won in Sonoma in 2010 (SuperSport).
  • Ducati has not won a Superbike event at Infineon Raceway since 1978. Kawasaki has not won a Superbike event at Infineon Raceway since 1993.
  • Suzuki has won the most Superbike titles at Infineon Raceway with 18. It is followed by: Honda (10), Yamaha (5), Kawasaki (3) and Ducati (2).
  • Miguel Duhamel has won both the Superbike and Supersport events on the same weekend a record three times at Infineon Raceway (1993, 1995, 1998).
  • Nicky Hayden (1999) and Josh Hayes (2007) are the only riders to win Supersport and Formula Xtreme in the same weekend in Sonoma.
  • Aprilia recorded its only win at Infineon Raceway in 2002 behind rider Charles Sorensen in the 250 Grand Prix final.
  • Suzuki won every Superstock main event at Infineon Raceway but three (1993, 2003-04).
  • Honda is the top manufacturer in SuperSport at Infineon Raceway with six wins.
  • Miguel Duhamel and Mat Mladin are tied for most career AMA wins at Infineon Raceway with nine (Duhamel – five Superbike, three Supersport, one Formula Xtreme; Mladin – all in Superbike).
  • Honda and Suzuki have combined to win 15 of the last 18 Superbike main events at Infineon Raceway dating back to 2002. Suzuki has 12 wins and Honda three.
  • Jason Pridmore holds the career record for Superstock wins at Infineon Raceway (three), Miguel Duhamel in Supersport (three) and Eric Bostrom in Formula Xtreme (two).