DOWCO Guardian Motorcycle Covers

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Motorcycle Protection

I recently moved from my loft in Downtown Los Angeles, where I had covered underground parking, to a little cottage on the Venice Canals by the beach.

Because I had  to leave my 2010 Triumph Tiger 1050 ABS uncovered on the side of the house, the DOWCO Guardian WeatherAll Plus Cover has been an valuable addition to my gear.

The mornings are usually fog covered, and the salt air and beach weather can take a toll on a motorcycle. I pop this on every night and fasten the cover securely to my Tiger, and it keeps it clean and dry.

Even compared to parking it underground it is superior. I started to realize how much dust accumulates on a daily basis, and how much cleaner my bike is on a day to day basis now that I am using the cover. The soft windshield liner doesn’t scratch my larger touring windshield, and the heat resistant panels let me cover it without worry of burn marks, or melting plastic on my pipes.

Now that I have one, I realize what a necessity it is.

I also travel a lot, and one of the big perks of having a motorcycle is free parking at the airport, and LAX is no exception, with the motorcycle parking directly at the terminals. I got the DOWCO Guardian Traveler Half Cover for such occasions. It fits into a small pouch that I can stick in my back pack or top case, and keeps my Triumph clean and dry for when I get back home and zip right out of the airport.

DOWCO Guardian WeatherAll Plus Cover

Description: Industry leading, full size cover, constructed of heavy-duty polyester with special Color-Lok® fabric treatment to prevent fading, exclusive ClimaShield® Plus fabric protection built in, heat sealed double taped seams, Moisture Guard vent system allows moisture to escape.


Dowco Guardian Traveler Half Cover

Description: Half cover that folds more compactly for travel, lightweight polyester, foot peg straps for attachment.


For additional information, click here. Dowco makes covers to fit any motorcycle under any circumstance.dowco-guardian-motorcycle-covers 2