E-Scooters: Sevcon Gen 4 Controllers

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Electric Scooters

With growing worldwide demand for electric scooters, one of the world’s leading brands has specified new advanced technology motor controllers from Sevcon that combine a compact size with high power capacity.

Vmoto E-max, a publically listed Australian company with its European head office in Barcelona and distributors around the world, has turned to new Gen 4 digital controllers from Sevcon to meet the specific performance needs of various 50cc and 125cc equivalent electric scooters that utilise different types of PMAC motors.

In the Vmoto E-max range, Sevcon is supplying motor controllers for the 90S, 110S, 120S, 120L (lithium) and also its delivery/courier D models. In each case the Gen 4 is used to control the 48V, 4KW maximum power delivered by the bike’s silicon battery to a specially developed PMAC wheel hub motor.

In all applications the ability of the Sevcon controllers to be closely characterised with the specific PMAC motors used by the scooters contributes to smooth power transmission, improved efficiency and an extended range capability.

The ultra compact size 2 Gen4 controllers being used by Vmoto E-max incorporate the latest in electronic motor control technology and enclosure assembly to provide the smallest controllers in the industry relative to power delivery.

This enables the controllers to be integrated into very tight engine compartments and body spaces without sacrificing scooter performance.

The new controllers are fully CANopen compliant, enabling simple and flexible software integration with vehicle drive and control system components through a series of input and output connections. In addition, this ability also allows full integration with vehicle diagnostics and dashboard displays of speed, battery status and other scooter controls.

Size 2 Gen4 controllers are available in the form of three individual new products with nominal battery voltages of 24-36 VDC, 36-48 VDC and 72-96 VDC and peak currents of 275A (for the 24V and 48V versions) and 180A.

Sevcon is a long established supplier of motor control technology to the automotive sector and the Gen4 range forms part of a comprehensive range of AC and DC motor controllers, power converters and battery chargers for electric powered vehicles.

Sevcon is a world leader in the design and manufacture of microprocessor controls for zero emission electric vehicles. These controls are used to vary the speed and movement of vehicles, to integrate specialised functions and to optimise the energy consumption of the vehicle’s power source.

Sevcon supplies customers throughout the world from its operations in the UK, the USA, France and the Far East and through an international dealer network. The company’s customers include manufacturers of on and off road electric vehicles including cars, trucks, buses, motorcycles, fork lift trucks, aerial lifts, mining vehicles, airport tractors, sweepers and other electrically powered vehicles.

For more information about Sevcon, visit sevcon.com.