Suzuki Hayabusa: Jardine RT-5 Exhaust


Hayabusa Exhaust

The RT-5 Slip-On exhaust system for the 2008-2011 Suzuki GSX1300R Hayabusa from Jardine Performance Products offers top of the line performance for a reasonable price and are now on sale on the Jardine website.

Jardine Performance Products, an industry leader in aftermarket motorcycle exhausts and accessories, strives to bring professional caliber aftermarket exhaust systems for every motorcyclist, from racer to hobbyist.

The RT-5 Slip-on system for the 2008-2011 Suzuki Hayabusa is available in a variety of materials, allowing consumers the opportunity to choose their price point without sacrificing performance and quality.

The RT-5 stainless steel and carbon fiber pipes as well as the stainless steel and titanium pipes are $1095.00, currently on sale for $800.00. More on the carbon fiber pipes can be found here.

The RT-5 is also available in stainless steel and aluminum for the price of $845.00, on sale for $650.00. More information on the stainless steel and aluminum RT-5 can be found here.

In addition to the RT-5 pipes for the GSX1300R, Jardine Products offers the GP-1 Slip-on dual exhaust. This is a dual exhaust made of stainless steel. The GP-1 includes quiet inserts but does not have mufflers, allowing customers the flexibility of customizing their pipes to get the perfect sound. The GP1 Slip-on cost is $416.00. For more information click here.

2008-2011 Suzuki GSX1300R Hayabusa Jardine Exhaust:

RT-5 Slip-On Exhaust: S/S & Carbon Fiber
P/N: 19-4019-323-02
MSRP: $1095.00

RT-5 Slip-On Exhaust: S/S & Titanium
P/N: 19-4019-423-02
MSRP: $1095.00

RT-5 Slip-On Exhaust: S/S & Aluminum
P/N: 19-4019-123-02
MSRP: $845.00

GP-1 Slip-On Dual Exhaust: S/S (No Muffler)
P/N: 18-4019-723-02
MSRP: $416.00



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