Glen Helen: Motocross World Trophy Returns

2011 FIM Motocross USGP

After nearly a year abroad, the World Cup Trophy returns to American soil and Glen Helen Raceway for the 2011 Monster Energy Motocross Grand Prix of the United States.

The World Cup Trophy has a long history in motocross racing and represents more than a winner of a race; it symbolizes an age-old racing rivalry between the United States and the rest of the world.

Bud Feldkamp (Glen Helen Raceway Owner) says: “There are very few times in life that a U.S. motocross rider has the opportunity to prove to the world that he is truly the best on any given Sunday. Thanks to Youthstream and the FIM, one of these rare occasions is occurring this May at Glen Helen Raceway.”

Feldkamp created the World Cup Trophy in 2010. The Cup stayed at Glen Helen until Dr. Feldkamp and Youthstream President Giuseppe Luongo decided to raise the stakes for the 2010 USGP, and put the World Cup Trophy up for grabs when the Grand Prix returned to the U.S.

The World Cup would represent the ultimate bragging rights for American racers and international racers. If an American rider won the 2010 USGP, the Cup would remain at Glen Helen. If an international rider won the USGP, Luongo would take the Cup back to Europe.

Antonio Cairoli, the 2010 FIM World MX1 Champion from Italy, was the victor at the 2010 USGP, and claimed the World Cup for the Europeans. Giuseppe Luongo took the Cup back to Europe, where it has been ever since. The World Cup will return to Glen Helen for the 2011 Monster Energy Grand Prix, where its residence for the next year will be determined. Will the international riders defend their title, or can the Americans claim what was originally theirs?

Bud Feldkamp says: “Last year I reluctantly handed over the World Cup Trophy to Giuseppe after Cairoli’s impressive victory on his way to capturing the FIM World Championship of Motocross. Since that time, the trophy has resided in Europe, and I look forward to the day we etch an American name on it and bring it home to where I think it truly belongs, the ‘good old’ U.S.A.”

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